Open Day, Sunday 15 May

Come along to what might be one of the last large open days at Willow Cottage this Sunday 15 May from 11:00 to 17:00.

Bring a picnic, wander the garden, and relax. Say hello to Christine and buy yourself a tea-towel! This is an informal open day so there’s no entry fee.


4 thoughts on “Open Day, Sunday 15 May

  1. I am desolate .Another English summer tradition bites the dust . My commiserations to all involved .
    It must have been a heart-rending decision.

  2. Kieran/Christine,
    I have many happy memories of willow cottage from 15-20 years ago and having moved back to Essex in the last few years – and this year finally got a car! – I was very much looking forward to coming along to several activities this summer. So sorry to hear that it is being sold – but as Christine says there is a time for everything and many of us will have so many happy memories of this magical place which we thank-you for. I would like to come along on Sunday – but would appreciate it if someone could give me an idea of the state of the road leading up to Willow cottage – last time I visited it was a very bumpy ride – and we need to look after the new car!

  3. Hi – I was trying to find out if Willow Cottage still hosts productions, please?

    Many thanks – Beverley Tankard


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