Spring blog 2015

Japonica glistens like coral in all of the neighbouring gardens …..the branches hold in the gardens their silent eloquent gestures, Which in our case we have not got.

Henry Reed, Naming of Parts

The haze of green hovering over the forest trees proclaimed the arrival of spring! and I paid my first visit to the cottage since November, having been housebound since then after breaking my hip. And what a surprise awaited me! The wonderful Willow Cottage volunteers had been busy all through the winter, working their socks off. Everything looks so beautiful, all the difficult jobs done, and all the gardens ready to burst into bloom!

And in front of the greenhouse a new garden made and all the old pots cleared and sorted… I was enchanted!

The whole garden looks superb – drifts of forget-me-nots under the cherry trees, little pockets of primroses and daffodils, and everything just waiting to burst into leaf and bloom! The magnolia at the back of the cottage is magnificently covered with bloom, one of the best displays we can remember.

Come and see for yourselves! Dick’s Day is on May 31st 11.30 to 5pm. We’re hoping for a beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “Spring blog 2015

  1. You must have been thrilled to see your garden and I hope that your health continues to improve. I am fighting cancer so may not be able to come to Willow cottage this year but…we shall see. Hazel.

    • Thank you for your good wishes Hazel. All the very best to you. Keep fighting!!
      LOve Christine

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