News from the garden

At the end of this glorious season, we’ve not used the theatre at all this year. It was too wet underfoot for School for Husbands and Much Ado, and Relative Values was a play requiring the more intimate atmosphere of the marquee!

All performances were excellent and well attended. There’s still plenty of colour in the garden – roses, clematis, delphiniums and geraniums are still blooming, dahlias are at their best particularly in the “hot bed” and many plants are just taking a breath before their second flowering.

These long hot days of summer are one of the few times we can relax occasionally and enjoy the garden, as the season is over and we’re in holiday mode!

We have two new volunteers (and maybe another two when I contact them) to help in the garden! What a wonderful surprise – they’re going to make a real difference to the garden. Already we can walk round the cottage without having to negotiate sprawling geraniums and mint.

Finally, don’t forget our open day on September 6th! There should still be plenty to see, and tea and cake to enjoy.


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