This Saturday: the August Open Day

Hello! Just another gentle reminder from Willow Cottage Theatre. The Autumn Open Day is this Saturday, September 6th. The garden will be open to visitors from 12 noon until 4 pm. We do ask for £5 for entry, but this includes tea and cake!

You might also want to keep an eye open for our appearance on BBC Three’s Don’t Tell the Bride (Tuesdays, 9pm). One of the present series was filmed at Willow Cottage! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which episode to watch out for… but I will post another note when you can watch it on iPlayer.

Have a good week, and we hope to see you soon!



2 thoughts on “This Saturday: the August Open Day

  1. Hope to be with you, and maybe bring some friends too!! The Garden is so lovely – as is the Cottage! – and it is always good to come and think about Dick, as well as to enjoy the event itself. Thank you! Carrolle Jamieson

    • I’m sure Dick would enjoy the event itself, too, and would be proud to see how the garden has grown. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday in the line for tea!

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