Dick’s Day 2014

The sun shone – well most of the time – the belly dancers did their thing to everyone’s delight, and the musicians and poets had their muses in attendance. A great start to what we hope will be a great season of events at Willow Cottage. DIck would, in Christine’s own words, have loved it. We have a few pictures and information about the next event at Willow Cottage for you after the break!

It seems bees are all the thing at the moment, what with Martha Kearney taking a break from The World at One to tell us all about hers, more bees featuring in a new novel by Laline Paull, and, yes! a bee-focused event here at Willow Cottage. On Saturday June 21st Essex Beekeepers are holding a meeting and giving a talk, provisionally on the subject of “Queen introduction“. No bowing and scraping or formal curtseying involved, I understand! Come along and brush up your skills, or just gain an insight into this fascinating topic. The garden is open from 13:00 on the 21st, the talk will start at 15:00, and entrance is free. Here’s hoping you enjoyed Dick’s Day and will be joining us for more events throughout the summer.

And now, some pictures!