Not the first cuckoo, but the first blog entry of 2014!

A great while ago the world begun
With a hey, ho the wind and the rain.

And so the winter continues, with the wind and the rain, but we’re comparatively lucky – our worst problem is the road, which is, of course, very difficult to negotiate at the moment due to a record number of deep potholes!

But the garden is thriving, many flowers are out early, and the snowdrops are, as ever, quite beautiful. Shrubs such as wintersweet, sarcococca and viburnum startle us with the strength of their scent, even the snowdrops are lightly scented, so there’s honey for the bees when they can fly!

Jonathan is visiting us soon to trim and prune the willow behind the marquee which split in the first storm, and to deal with damage to other trees, some of which have have simply outgrown their space.

The programme for the summer will be available shortly, and we all look forward to spring, more in hope than expectation.