The Blog of June

It’s June!! Long hot sunny days, warm balmy nights, a little gentle rain at 3o’clock in the morning, just to refresh everything!! Where do I think I’m living?

Visitors attending Dick’s Day at Willow Cottage

BUT….. in spite of everything we had two warm sunny days – consecutively! – for the Beekeepers and Dick’s Day! So – many people came, and were so pleased to be able to sit outside and enjoy the garden, which in spite of the weather, the rabbit, the voles, the deer and ferocious winds looked stunning! Isn’t it strange that gardens seem to thrive even after unseasonal cold and wet weather?

This year the roses and clematis on the pergola have amazed and delighted us, and it’s now possible to visualise what it will be like in five year’s time. The whole garden has been a mass of bloom, with sweet rocket, campion and other wild flowers giving the backdrop to the more exotic plants!

So although the frost damaged a lot of the early bloom, and although we are alternately soaked and frozen, we can look out at the wonderful growth and listen to the constant music of the birds and think how lucky we are to live in such a magical place!