Chaucer said it with different spelling

“When that April with his showers sweet
The drought of March hath pierced to the root.”

So this year was not so unusual after all! But with our hosepipes folded away and shoulders squared ready to cope with watering cans, we listen enchanted to the birds, as they rejoice in the soft spring sunshine.

There have been some hard frosts in the last two weeks, and the brown flowers on camellias and magnolias are a bit depressing, but we are looking forward to the wisteria which has some deliciously fat buds!

Our resident rabbit is enjoying the tulips, also pulsatilla, daffodils and any other beautiful or expensive plants it can find! The herd of deer is growing larger each year, and we now have two pigs which run free on the green and have found the perfect place for a mud bath – our croquet lawn!

Our programme for 2012 is now on the website, so we hope to see many of you this year visiting the garden and the theatre.

We (and the pigs) look forward to your visit!