An unexpected visitor

Yesterday was a spring day – blue sky, bright sunshine and soft air, well, I know we’re going to have frost and snow some time, but what a wonderful winter it’s been so far ! We’ve had so many blue tits, coal tits and great tits, chaffinches, nuthatches, woodpeckers and robins it’s a full time job filling the bird feeders! A pair of mistle thrushes sing to us as we garden, and we hear the wren and many long tail tits as they sing in the blackberry bushes near the greenhouse. A pheasant with clipped wings has adopted us and we hear him squawking as he eats the hellebores. Lizzie has christened him Charles, and Kieran is hoping to tame him! The garden is looking fantastic, and we have been able to keep up with maintenance as well as planting, clearing and weeding – Kieran is a wonderful help and is becoming expert at pruning and planting, as well as the more mundane jobs! Sally is working on a new insect hotel –bigger and better than the old one which was demolished when the willow shed a large branch! I’m working on the sales area, and soon we’ll all be sowing seeds! What fun!

Here’s Kieran with an unexpected visitor in the cottage!

Robin in hands