Spring at last!

…and I can emerge from my winter hibernation in the greenhouse, where I have spent an amazing amount of time playing with cuttings and seedlings and pots of soil, while wonder women Liz and Sally and other younger gardeners freeze outside in the snow!

But now the sun is once again warming our backs as we plant, prune, dig and sow in Willow Cottage garden.

The pergola, built by Paul, Sally, Liz, Dennis and Neil using dead oaks from the forest, looks pretty spectacular and may look even more so when covered by the roses, wisteria, clematis and grape vine with which it has been planted.

In 1952 Dick bought a few cupresses seedlings from Woolworths. They cost 6d each and he planted them at the back of the border. They are now 40 feet high and out of proportion so next week five of them will be felled. In their place will be a yew hedge ( cloud pruned eventually!) which will be a deer-proof shelter for the plants.

Meanwhile the daffodils are out, the cherries are coming into bloom and the birds are singing and nest-building and we look forward to a glorious summer!