Summer 2009

Another warm day at Willow Cottage. The cottage itself was beautifully cool inside – something we don’t appreciate so much in Winter! But outside the sun burned and the ground baked. I was trying to finish transferring the dahlias from their big pots to their site in the Hot Bed but had to water the bare earth before I could manage to dig the holes.
Christine decided to start off by watering our burgeoning collection of seedlings and plants in the greenhouses. Unfortunately, it was so hot that she spent most of the afternoon as a hose attachment watering one or another recently planted area. The heat has not triggered a thunder storm so we may have to repeat the process on Thursday.

On the up side, the delphiniums are still looking fantastic – all 8’ or more of them- and they have not been blown over. And the clematis around the cottage are all flowering in shades of purple and maroon as if we arranged it.

We shared our drinks breaks with some lovely visitors – Mary and Stella from Chingford and Ann and Beryl from Chigwell. Ann even helped with the watering. All volunteers are welcome!

The birds are not singing as much now but the blackcap sang for long enough for Christine to identify. The robins have fledged from their basket in the shed: they practiced manoeuvres in the shed for a few days but now they’ve gone. However we’re enjoying spotting butterflies instead: we had a comma and a red admiral today.